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Behind this blog is a professional animal trainer specialised in scent work, Karita Häkkinen


I  have Further Qualification for Animal Attendants, specialized in animal training and I work as a scent detection dog handler and trainer at Anticimex Finland. I have years of experience in scent work and it’s many variations with working dogs and different kinds of scent works with professionals and dog enthusiasts.

My interest in scent work first started when I attended a course on pet trailing in 2009. Later on, I studied to become an animal trainer and to specialize in behavioral problems of dogs. To specialize in scent work, I attended a scent dog training program and trained myself a Mold Detection Dog to use in my then-current day job. By the time the dog was almost ready to work, I heard about the need for Bed Bug Detection Dogs in the company I worked in. With the skills I had, I got the opportunity to train the first Bed Bug Detection Dogs in Finland and Anticimex globally. The project was so successful, that I started to work with the dogs full time at the pest control department. Currently, I work as the company’s main detection dog handler and trainer and am responsible for ensuring the quality and developing our detection dog services nationwide. 
By today we have trained 13 Bed Bug Detection Dogs for work in total and the number is growing.

I also have my own dog training company that I started in 2011, Eläinpalvelu Niin kivaa!/ KHA Team Oy, nowadays known as Trust the Nose. It offers a variety of courses and lectures for dog enthusiasts and professionals. Nowadays my main interest lies in different applications of scent work and cooperation between the working dog and its handler.

I educate myself further all the time and keep up with the development of the industry globally. I also continuously cooperate with Detection Dog Professionals from multiple different countries.

Most of my courses and seminars are ordered by different dog clubs and dog training schools all around Finland. 
During the past few years, I have also been invited to train people and dogs in Estonia, Norway, France, Poland, and Croatia. My courses and seminars are mainly about scent detection work and tracking/trailing with dogs, but occasionally also other topics. My most popular lecture is about the handlers’ effect on dogs’ work.

At the moment I mainly coach professional Detection Dog Handlers from both the private sector and the authorities.


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