Behind this blog is a professional animal trainer specialised in scent work, Karita Häkkinen


Behind Trust the Nose is Karita Häkkinen, proficient professional in animal training, specialised in scent work.

Working with different kinds of detection dogs for over a decade has increased my practical skills, talents and experience about this exciting world of scents. When I grabbed the tracking line for the first time, my instructor told me “this is addictive”. I didn’t know then how right said that was!

There are multiple years of voluntary work behind with pet trailers, almost seven years as a full-time special detection dog handler and trainer and hundreds of client dog teams from courses, workshops, private training and coachees working in multiple different scent work areas.

Regular further training under the guidance of and with top domestic and international top professionals keeps one’s skills up to date, bringing new aspects of the latest research into practical applications.

Collaborators, colleagues and customers in and outside Finland also challenge me to update my knowledge and training methods continuously to keep becoming better and more efficient all the time.


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Workshop: Tracking with Jessica ÅBERG

October 3 @ 10:00 - October 4 @ 16:00 EEST


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