Different alerts on different scents

Many working scent detection dogs have been taught to recognise several different scents. A police dog, for instance, can be able to detect many different drugs as well as the scent of explosives or cash money. Often the dog will give the same indication or alert behaviour, such as sitting down and staring at the source of the scent, for [...]

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Well begun, half done

How many times have you trained a dog and got frustrated when it fails over and over again? In how many of those times did you have a written training plan that you also followed? We usually go to the training field or training facilities and have an idea of something we want to train. Maybe something that did not go very [...]

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KONG the motivation

I talked about motivation in the blog Motivation - keep it up! earlier. Since the motivation is the key to keep the dog interested in the work it is supposed to do thoroughly and intensively we should always pay attention to it. In a study  which dealt with Explosive Detection Dogs (EDD) Irit Parnafes-Gazit argued that "[...] despite the reports in the literature [...]

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Scent Detection with SWDI

Part II The final days of the course with SWDI were about scent detection. (You can find the blog about the first days here.) The composition of the group changed a bit after the tracking days and we had to say goodbye to some of the great dog teams we had just got to know. The detection course brought along some new handlers [...]

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Tracking with SWDI

A couple of weeks ago there was an excellent tracking camp organised in Sweden by SWDI (Scandinavian Working Dog Institute). The camp was followed by a detection training week arranged for professional dog teams. I had a great opportunity and privilege to take part in the training. Although I promised to share some of the more sophisticated motivation techniques with you in this [...]

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