Motivation – keep it up!

Success is a result of hard work. And as we all know, to work hard we all need motivation. This is no different for dogs. How to motivate a detection dog? And how do you keep the motivation up? To not to kill dog's motivation, it is important to build the wanted behaviour in small steps and not to rush. For a [...]

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Why do you need an alert?

Our dogs act to get our attention to communicate with us. They may bark at the door that we would understand to let them out, or scratch the cupboard door to get some treats or just sit next to us that we would pet them. A dog uses these behaviors that have produced the wanted outcome before and hopes us to [...]

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Scent discrimination – pros and cons

When the dogs explore their surroundings, they discriminate scents all the time. They know who of their favourites or enemies has just walked by the street, and they can smell where their owner has been while gone. It has been said that a human can smell pizza and think "Mmm...Pizza!", but a dog can smell pizza and think "Mmm...pepperoni, garlic, tomato [...]

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Starting the scent training

There are multiple different techniques to introduce and reinforce a target scent to a dog. Furhermore, many trainers add their own twist in it. If there are many efficient ways to do it, how do you know which one to choose? Traditionally the new scent has been introduced to a dog by placing it with some food or a toy. As dogs [...]

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How do you know, if the dog knows?

Dogs learn by error and success. They are also opportunists and constantly calculate what is the best possible option for them to behave in the situation. We humans like to rationalise everything. Our way of thinking is much more complicated than dogs'. When we see something happening, we try to explain it and understand why it happened. When we interact with [...]

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