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This lecture is aimed for detection dog professionals who work with special detection dogs. 

On this interactive lecture, we talk about special detection dogs and the challenges that we come across while working and training with them. For example, keeping up the drive during long and empty searches, finding the right state of mind for working efficiently, randomised reward system and keys for sure and reliable indications.

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The speaker of this lecture is Joakim BERLIN from Sweden. Currently he works as the head of Special Detection Dogs Unit (Region Mitt) at the Swedish Police. He is also an Assessor, Instructor and Mental evaluator for Swedish police K9 Units.

He is a previous Global EDD advisor at UNOPS and was responsible for developing and implementing UNOPS EDD Quality standards. He has also worked as an EDD assessor for UNOPS.

Joakim also worked as a Frontex Assessor and Course Manager for Frontex PSD Instructor courses.


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