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SCENT THEORY – the impact of the air flow on the K9’s scenting work

Lecture language: English


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This lecture will give you the basics you need to effectively work with your scenting dog in any specialization: Search and Rescue, Scent Detection, Nose Work, Tracking, etc.

We will begin with the anatomy of dog’s nose to understand the processes that take place when the dog is sniffing. We will talk about the differences between each of the scenting specializations, scent cones and all the factors that affect them.

We will also go through some examples of problematic situations taken from real-life scenarios and we will discuss how to deal with problems.

In the end, you will be introduced to a range of helpful accessories that can help you in your scent work and we will run a live demonstration to see on our own eyes how the air moves and how we can measure it to make it work for us and our dogs.


This lecture will be held by 

Jagna GILL

from IRMA Foundation, POLAND 

Jagna is

  • founder of the nonprofit charity organization “IRMA Foundation” [training and usage of dogs in the range of search and rescue and scent detection]
  • a handler of 2 search and rescue dogs trained in the field of area search and rubble search
  • a graduate from the year-long course at Scandinavian Working Dog Institute [professional scent detection, remote scent detection], 2017-2018
  • a participant of  the year-long course at Scandinavian Working Dog Institute [professional scent detection, remote scent detection], 2018-2019
  • nose work instructor [certified by Svenska Nose Work Klubben instructors]
  • therapy dog instructor and handler
  • scent detection dog handler
  • a regular participant of various international search and rescue camps and training that take place on regular basis in Sweden, Denmark, Germany, France and Poland
  • the host of the international search and rescue event “SAR Fest” that takes part in Poland every year
  • consultancy and cooperation in the K9 field with various special forces units, army units, and former special operations soldiers
  • member and the handler of SAR dogs in the volunteer fire brigade
  • an author of K9 articles for the Polish magazine “Special OPS”
  • co-host and co-organizer of the FREEZE! International Working Dog Conference
  • one of the quest instructors on Scent Detection Course 2019 by Trust the Nose

This post is also available in: Suomi (Finnish)

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